We were recently told that we would be seeing the Horus Heresy come in November of this year and to follow up we have a lot more details on just what to expect when the new edition comes in. 

This is from a great source sending us on Faeit 212 the info directly. He is posting up elsewhere on occasion too, and we can't thank him enough that he is helping keep us informed with what lies ahead.
Personally I can't wait to see more of what the Horus Heresy has in store for us!

via a Great Source on Faeit 212

Horus Heresy Books are now written by GW's Warhammer Studio Team - it's 
now "GW Main" not Specialist games, like AoS or common 40k

"New" Horus Heresy gets only a Rule overhaul, not a complete new Ruleset 
which overthrow everything

Ruleset will get something like Periods or Eras - Early Crusade, Late 
Crusade, Early Heresy, Late Heresy and such stuff...

Black Books can still be used with the "new" Rules and get not invalid from 
Day One, but will sometime get replaced

Some missing (and new) Characters will come in Plastic

Old FW upgrade Sets will stay more or less compatible with new Classic 

Mk2, Mk3, MK4, Mk5, Mk6 or MK7 - Every Armour Type will get Plastic Models 
(sooner or later)

More Plastic Demon Primarchs will come (cross use in "late" HH and 40k)

Game will be more integrated in WD

The move of the Game from FW to GW is for freeing capacities for more 
Specialist Games and for Warhammer the Old World

Alan Bligh's Death had an very big impact on Horus Heresy, but he loved this 
Setting, gave everything and had loooong (before there were any 
Anouncements) worked on this, with an large preliminary work he did even 
in "free Time"...

Alan had written enough Stuff for three Editions, he had "the one" concept 
as a whole for the complete Setting and this will remain with the "reboot". 
May he rest in pease and Dine with the Gods...

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