Some previews for the house Delaque from the upcoming House of Shadows with new rules and a roadmap for what lies ahead throughout the rest of the year for Necromunda!

via WarCom

As well as in-depth background and lore on the Delaque, the book introduces new rules, making your gang feel sneakier than ever before. 


PREVIOUS RULES AND INFORMATION (from while I was in the backcountry)


  • Nacht-Ghuls are peerless assassins and saboteurs. 
  • In a fight, these Delaque Champions have some impressive characteristics (including a base Strength of 4), and they can strike using a unique deployment method.

Nacht-Ghuls can also select from a range of unique weaponry. 


Psy-Gheists are the new Prospects for a Delaque gang, and they are rare in Necromunda as they start as psykers. These fighters can choose from three new disciplines – Madness, Delusion, and Darkness – and they can even learn extra powers as your campaign progresses. 

Piscean Spektor

If you prefer your exotic beasts to be a little larger and more brainy, then the Piscean Spektor is for you. It’s equipped with light carapace armour, and it can fly, so there’s nowhere to hide from this… thing. And with stats like these, you’re definitely going to want to keep well out of its way.

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