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This past week+ has given me a fair bit of time to really clear away my work bench.

From some primed plastic, i have completed the Sister Dogma who will be in my force this coming weekend. A pair of my sisters with bolt pistols got rearmed with hand flamers to properly kit out my second Seraphim squad, literally rearmed, i cut them off at the elbows and fitted into the new arms and painted it to match. A pair of extra girls that i got in trades got a bit of kit bashing to become the Sister superiors for my pair of Seraphim squads when I have the points to equip them with power swords. 

A thrio of pentient engines were quickly brought up to the standard, and one of my mortifiers got refitted to fill out the squad. Luckly the center piece was only snugged in, and the two arms were drilled and pinned to be purposely swappable. One of the thrio, with the flail is going to be needing flail repair after this event. The fleurs are pretty much all snapped off. They looked cool but are very fragile.   

For the sisters, a batch of Acro flagellants were also prepared. For my son’s Tyranids, we did up a small batch of the new taller Spore mines, and a brood of Gargoyles. On the bench is not much actually.   I have the box of Paragon Warsuits to assemble, and my son has some models to build. Other than that I’m down to odds and ends that might get done to keep brushes moving. Nah, I got a couple bins of printed terain that needs some paint and being grouped into table sets! 


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