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First Happy Canada Day.
If you get this before you post, here is updates on the pictures that i sent. They are all finished.  

As typical for me. Loads of painting, heel dragging on taking pictures.  

On to doing some stabby nids, 12 brand new with a yellow slash on the Carapace, the other half getting the red colour updated to match and a bone slash down their Carapace.

5 Winged Skarati dudes for my friend Ian. I had some issues with my kylon primer with these guys and had to put several bases coats of paint onto them to get it properly covered. 

A pair of Necron’s for my friend Chris. 

Lastly, a squad of Cadian Kasrkin for Geoff, with a couple extras to go into a command squad. These old metals are very enjoyable to paint. 

On decks is some flying nids and exploding ones for my son. And i have a new sisters model to paint, and some suits to build later.


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