Wow, check out some of these raffles that are live now. 

The Nova Open Charitable Foundation has been doing raffles for charity since 2013 and has nearly donated 5over 463k during that time to charities like the Fisher House Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, and Breast Cancer Research. You can read more about the charities supported here

A couple tickets get you the opportunity to win some amazingly put together and painted armies by the NOCF Artist Consortium, (a group of professional and talented painters from around the world)

You do not need to be present anywhere to win and as long as you have a deliverable address anywhere in the world, you are eligible to win.

Check out these crazy videos of just a few of the raffles from artists like Dave Taylor, and Dan Osborne! You can even win an entire Khorne Army! 


and please spread the word! It would be great to see these videos all over the internet.

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