We are down to the last chance to get in Pacific Rim Extinction on the tabletop for the latest Kickstarter ran by River Horse Games. Time to get into your Jaeger to battle your opponents and some massive Kaiju.

Pacific Rim: Extinction Kickstarter
pledged of $49,150 goal
hours to go

River Horse and Legendary Entertainment Join Forces for Pacific Rim: Extinction, a Thrilling Tabletop Miniatures Game Full of Mammoth Action.

Miniatures Strategy Game to Launch Following the Release of
Legendary Entertainment’s Pacific Rim Uprising Film

River Horse (EU) Ltd. is delighted to announce a partnership with Legendary Entertainment to bring epic Jaeger vs. Kaiju action to your tabletop with an exciting miniatures game inspired by the upcoming film, Pacific Rim Uprising, in theaters on March 23rd.

Pacific Rim: Extinction is a scenario driven strategy game of city-wide destruction and chaos, capturing the spectacular conflict of the Pacific Rim universe with fantastically detailed 75mm scale miniatures of the film’s iconic Jaegers - mechanical guardians of humanity - and Kaiju - living weapons from beyond our world.
In Pacific Rim: Extinction, two or more players will be able to jump right into the action playing either a PPDC Jaeger or a monstrous Kaiju, in a quick play match of intense combat, or a more constructed battle with both Jaegers and Kaiju using all of their skills and abilities to achieve a challenging objective.

Gipsy Avenger with Gravity Sling – Digitally Painted Render

Shrikethorn – Digitally Painted Render

Pacific Rim: Extinction will launch on Kickstarter on Monday March 12, before hitting retail shelves at a later date. Further details on the release of Pacific Rim: Extinction will be announced shortly.
Pacific Rim: Extinction - The biggest miniatures game you’ll ever play!
Alessio Cavatore, Manager Director at River Horse, commented:
“With Pacific Rim’s extensive lore and deep catalogue of Jaegers, Kaiju and action-packed battles fought in major cities, we couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with Legendary Entertainment to bring Pacific Rim: Extinction to the tabletop.”
Jamie Kampel Legendary Entertainment, commented:
“We are delighted to be working with Alessio Cavatore and the team at River Horse to bring the Pacific Rim universe to the world in an exciting new way. River Horse has always demonstrated an ability to deliver a top-quality game while bringing passionate fans of a franchise along for a thrilling ride. We can’t wait to see all of the Jaeger v Kaiju action of Pacific Rim: Extinction in hobbyist’s hands around the globe.”
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