Its time to catch everyone up on what is going on with the Genesys Project, especially as we are going line by line through the Rules here to refine and polish the game. In the meantime I thought we would throw out something needed for the Core Rules and other Domain books as we look past the Open Beta.

The Core Rules will contain what you see now, along with some vital important updates...

The Core Rules...
Rules are being refined, re-referenced, and cleaned up for our editing group. The refinements especially delve into the messy sections of the rules, like flying, subterranean movement, and much more.

Battle Plans are now in: These are optional when building your army list to play a game and include some great ways to alter your list, battlefield, deployment options, and mission/awards.

Event Rules: Events play for Progression Points, meant for Store Events, Tournaments, etc, some clear and concise rules meant to move the game forward handling such things players missing rules, errors in gameplay etc. The goal is to make events fun and fair for all players.

Everything you need to play the game will be in the Core Rules, including an Easy-Build faction builder and demo factions to inspire and show readers what can be done. This will not be a full Domain Book, but a very shortened version of Humanoids for the 1st Age.

The Ability Section of the Rules is being moved, with only the rules needed for the Easy Build Faction Creator.

Things Currently in Need.... The fun part... for anyone with the Open Beta Rules
We will have several community made factions featured in each of the Life Domain books. Since we are working towards the final versions of all the books now, its time to get on this. If you wish to submit a faction you have been toying around with, lets send them in. We will select several for each domain and will put them into the format that we will be using for the final books.

So please send them to
Please include background, Faction+ traits and characteristics, plus your Unit Classes. Also important is your name as you want to be credited.

Closed Beta Testers
I have a set of files coming your way today. You may use these to build demo races, and continue to test. We are on version 6.02. When they come, there are a few areas needing feedback and will be included with the docs. If you are not a part of this testing... and want to be... please shoot me an email at titled Closed Beta Testers.

Look forward to more updates next week.
If you are new to the Genesys Project, We are moving past the Open Beta, but the rules are available for free download to check out and explore and even take part in the process.

In the Genesys Project, you create your own faction, customized with weapons, spells, vehicles, and monsters. The game is under your control as you play and advance through the 3 Ages of the Genesys Project.

No longer are your armies under someone elses vision or invalid with new releases.... Take Control.

Why Conquer Worlds when you can Simply Create Them

What is the Genesys Project?
the Genesys Project is a game that has been being put together for the last couple of years and just recently began to wrap up the Open Beta that still has rules the rules available for free.

The game itself is a dynamic back and forth gameplay with commanders determining how many activations or reactionary activations can be made each Player Turn.

The Factions are created by you. You select one of 5 Life Domains...Humanoids, Fey, Reptilia, Biests, or Insekt and build your Faction picking out traits that give you army wide abilities. This includes customization of weapons, spells (called powers), vehicles, and more. Each trait you select grants an ability or group of abilities for a single point cost. This point cost equals your per model point cost for your faction.

Once your faction is created, using your base faction as its base, you create specific Unit Classes that have extra abilities or access to weapons and equipment based on additional traits chosen.

Even Heroes and characters are made from your gameplay. They gain special abilities on top of the normal ones given by their unit classes.

The game has 3 Ages of game play. 
1st Age; early to late Fantasy 
2nd Age: Modern to near future
3rd Age: Far future.

You can create your faction for any of the Ages, or start at the first age, and play through the ages, advancing your faction and creating your own background and history through the games played.

More information here at this address where you can also sign up for the Open Beta Documents.

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