The Hedonites of Slaanesh army is coming this weekend and there is a good preview of what to expect for the new Battletome.

via the Warhammer Community

Depravity Points
One of the key principles of the Hedonites of Slaanesh army is the depravity points system. This allegiance ability allows you to summon new units of Daemons to the tabletop by spending these points. You’ll earn a depravity point whenever a model is damaged – but not slain – by a Slaanesh Hero, or such a Hero takes a wound. This applies to mortal wounds in the same fashion, meaning you’ve got even more ways to rack them up.

The Hosts
On their own, these would be pretty awesome allegiance abilities, but it gets even better. When building your Slaanesh army, you’ll be able to customise them further by picking a Host to which they are dedicated. Each has an additional allegiance ability, a new way to generate depravity points, and its own selection of command traits and artefacts.

The Invaders



Eternal Spells

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