A reader review here for the cool Mortian Tank that we looked at few weeks ago. This is a great review and a look at a miniature that caught my eyes and may end up in my arsenal.... I mean seriously.... look at all those bits and options.

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via Pansergrateng on Faeit 212

Pansergrateng here, got my Mortian tank a little while ago, so here's a quick review and some pics in case you wanted to post it.

Shipping itself took 13 days, so pretty good there. The initial unboxing however, was pretty terrifying. With just one small piece of bubblewrap, all the pieces were slinging loose in the box. Luckily, no pieces were damaged, and everything started looking up from there.

Quite a bit of flash and gates to clean up, but all the gates are placed on inside parts, so that leaves a lot less risk of marks on the surface of the model. Hardly any bubbles to speak of, apart from a couple on inside parts there was a small one on the front of the gatling gun, and a small hole on the top of the turret. Mold slipping was similarly limited, just a few small ones on the sides of some of the auxiliary guns. I haven't really put it together at the moment, but so far the parts seem to fit pretty well. Might need a little bit of gap filling or heating to get the main chassis right, particularly towards the rear, and some of the main guns needed a bit of filing on the sides to fit the turret.

Comparison to a half-painted FW Medusa and a Plaguebearer. The tank itself is about 15,5 cm long and 7,5 cm tall compared to the Leman Russ chassis 12 cm length.

As far as the bits and details go, I'm definitely satisfied. Easily on par with FW and the amount of guns included is impressive, and should be easy to magnetize. I wish there were two more armour plates though, so you could have two each of the reliquary and shield symbol. You can flip them all around if you want a clean plate with rivets on, which is pretty nice. There's also 4 different turret baskets; one basic, one bigger with what seems to be shells stacked out the back (Seems precarious...), a power coil or a open basket. The open basket is a bit puzzling as it has a huge underside, seemingly intentionally sculpted (It's way too big and thick to be a gate that can easily be shaved off), that makes it impossible to attach it to the turret.

All in all, I quite like it. Definitely more work than slapping together a plastic Leman Russ, and more expensive, but as far as I'm concerned it certainly looks way cooler. With all the guns included, it's also a competitive alternative to many of the FW versions. If there's one thing that really should be improved though, it's more bubblewrap in the box, and putting some of the smaller parts in ziplock bags.

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