Its not only myself looking for a price point for the new Adeptus Titanicus. While these do not give us a price... its always interesting to see everyone jumping in this early.

via a Reader on Faeit 212
While looking for more info about the upcoming AT release I stumbled across two now expired eBay listings, one for a warlord pre-order at GBP 60 and the other for the rule set at GBP 40. They were listed on the 2nd and 4th of July respectively, updated with a buy it now price on the 17th, and ended on the 28th. It seems 2 warlords were pre-sold that way. If indeed the case that is a nice way to pre-finance the acquisition of the box (or at least a good try) ;-)

We all know that sellers splitting a starter box are looking at making a profit, hence could we consider that these two individual prices of GBP 60 and GBP 40 are upper boundaries for the warlord and rule set respectively? Big question mark there.

This said, I am giving this "info" zero confidence for trying to infer the release price of the Grand Master Edition box nor of any of the two individual sets. That would be too much speculation.

The only certainty seems to be that the boxset will be less than GBP 200. If am not mistaken, during the Warhammer Fest seminar, Steve Cottrell said the boxset would be between GBP 5 and GBP 200 (this leaves quite some room) and when asked to clarify said "definitely below GBP 200". So GBP 200 is the upper boundary on the boxset.

If this box is indeed "the most expensive box game" but also "the best value ever" as it is said in the unboxing video, but that elsewhere it seems the large value is one free warlord, then the warlord must be very expensive and the rules and accessories, buildings and knights dirt cheap in comparison. I don't think this adds up.

Eagerly awaiting pricing … and release ;-)


PS: See attached pics and links to the expired listings (found searching for "Adeptus Titanicus" completed listings)

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