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Reaver Battle Titan Preview+ a Unique Feature on the Model

This is an interesting read on the miniature and I always love the designer's commentaries. The Reaver Battle Titan is available for pre-orders this coming weekend.

via the Warhammer Community

The Reaver Battle Titan formed the mainstay of many Titan Legions during the Horus Heresy – and with the new Reaver Titan model for Adeptus Titanicus available to pre-order on Saturday, it’s sure to find its way into more than a few battlegroups. But just what will this new Titan bring to your games? Let’s find out.

The Reaver is your mid-range Titan – not quite as big and destructive as the Warlord, it’s also cheaper in points, allowing you to bring more Titans to bear against your foes. The Reaver is faster than its big brother and can perform more turns as it moves, making it handy for getting into the more vulnerable side and rear arcs of its targets. This speed and a higher Weapon Skill – plus the power fist that comes in the plastic kit – also make it a significant threat up close.

The power fist, with high Strength and the Concussive trait, makes the Reaver a tremendous threat – especially since Melee attacks can target particular systems without penalty, allowing a Reaver that gets up-close and personal to deal significant damage even to Warlord Titans – especially if they’ve been dealt damage at range already.
As befits the most numerous Titan among the Legions, the Reaver has a place in all three of the maniples in the Adeptus Titanicus rulebook. One that may be of particular interest is the Myrmidon Battleline Maniple. Comprising 2-3 Warlords and 1-2 Reavers, this takes the principle of overwhelming firepower to extremes, making it much more likely that your Titans will pass Command checks for First Fire and Split Fire orders.

Using the heavier weaponry on the Warlords to bring down void shields and damage systems with First Fire while your Reavers close for the kill is a great tactic with a Myrmidon maniple. With careful planning and some lucky dice rolls, you can cause catastrophic damage to even a Warlord Titan in short order.
And what about the model? Well, the Reaver Titan kit is every bit as impressive and versatile as the larger Warlord, and actually has a unique feature that increases its poseability. Here is the model’s designer, Chris Drew, to explain:
Chris: The Warhammer 40,000-scale Reaver has cables running between the torso, weapons, and legs. This is easy to achieve in large resin models, as we can allow customers to heat-bend the cables into position – but we can’t do the same in hard plastic. How could we get the same look but make it work? It took a lot of effort, but on the final model, the leg cables tuck into a void beneath the waist, while the weapon cables fix the position of the guns and arms. I’ve designed them so they are optional, and if you want to leave them out, all you need to do is trim a couple of tabs down and all the weapons are fully poseable.