Adeptus Titanicus comes out in a few short days..... 2 to be exact, and the Warhammer Community is talking Battlefield assets. You know... those small gun emplacements we have been looking at on the box covers for the Adeptus Titanicus Rule set. Lets see what they are all about....

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In your shiny new Adeptus Titanicus: The Horus Heresy Rules Set, nestled between the rulebook and card components, you’ll find a plastic frame. On it, alongside a host of markers and templates, are six hexagonal models with different fittings – these are Battlefield Assets to use alongside Stratagems in your games.

It takes more than city-razing weapons and void shields to win a battle. Stratagems represent other elements that a Princeps Seniores (that’s you!) can use to their advantage – from sneaky tricks to new objectives and Battlefield Assets.
Stratagems can be used in any of open, narrative and matched play, but are particularly applicable to the latter two, where among other things they provide additional balance to mismatched forces. When you choose a battlegroup, you total up the points for your TitansKnights and weapons – this is your Battle Rating. You get Stratagem points based on the size of game…
…and if one player is an underdog with a lower Battle Rating, they get additional points to spend. In narrative play, missions will state how many Stratagem points are available, along with any underdog bonuses. You can also claim additional Stratagem points if your opponent is using unique Legion rules and you’re not, to balance out the additional Legion Traits and other abilities they get.
There are 18 different Stratagem cards in the Rules Set, offering you a huge range of options, and they’re split into four categories.
Exclusive to matched play, these four Stratagems give you extra ways to score victory points and get a leg up on your opponents. They’re a great way to grab a last-minute victory – and also to represent the character of your Legion. Like to go for the throat and kill the enemy commander? Try Decapitating Strike. Have a grudge against traitorous enemies? Perhaps you have A Score to Settle.
Your duelling Titans are only one part of a larger battle raging around them. Ranged Support allows you to call in strikes from other forces in the area – from an orbiting ship lending fire support that can severely damage the most powerful war engine (if it hits…) to a barrage of blinding smoke or sensor dampeners that obscure your Titans or befuddle your foes.
Allied forces can aid your Titans in other ways, too. From sending in a team to Sabotage an enemy Titan to seeding the battlefield with mines or a field that drains void shields, these can be vital tricks. Or your Princeps can use all their cunning to outflank the enemy – or steel themselves for a Noble Sacrifice to take an enemy with them when all is lost…
These six Stratagems use the models we talked about earlier. Choosing one of these Stratagems lets you add the appropriate model to your force and set it up in your deployment zone before deploying your Titans and Knights. They can’t move but can be attacked like other models, and each provides a unique benefit during the game.
Normally when you fail a Command check, you can’t make any more that turn – the Command Bastion allows you to attempt one more, handy for when you roll badly but need the extra boost from a particular order. On the flip side, the Communications Relay messes with the vox of enemies within 18”, making their Command checks more difficult.

The Plasma Generator can help to reduce Reactor levels in Titans nearby as they draw power from it instead of moving, while the Void Shield Relay allows stationary Titans to re-roll failed Void Shield saves – which can be vital against a particularly heavy barrage.
The last two Battlefield Assets are perfect for the more offensively minded Princeps, giving you extra attacks! The Apocalypse Missile Strongpoint fires a barrage of long-range missiles that can take down Void Shields in an instant, while the Macro Cannon Battery is powerful enough to pierce even Warlord Titan armour and inflict massive damage.
As you can see, Stratagems lend additional depth and new tactical challenges to your games – and with powerful attacks, sneaky tricks and extra victory points available, they can make all the difference on the battlefield. Pre-order your very own Rules Set now to get your hands on all the Stratagem cards and choose the ones that will bring you victory.

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