We have one last miniature review and giveaway from Raging Heroes this month, and this one is taking a close look at the Sisters of Eternal Mercy... Knights of the Chalice-Troops. I will be the first to admit that I was a lot less enthused about these than the Exemplar Sisters, but I was proven wrong by just how detailed, full of options, and how dynamic the poses can be.

If you missed the first Review... here is your link

Description via Raging Heroes

Knights of the Chalice-Troops
These 5 Multiparts Models are all different from each other. All parts are swappable with ball-joint assembly for infinite customisation.
Here, all troopers are equiped with Wrath Hammers and Faith Shields.
  • Includes 5 helmeted heads, 1 Sergeant bare head and 4 hooded heads
  • With accessories to make 1 Officer with Redeemer Sword
  • With accessories to make 2 Knights, each with one pair of Shrift Claws.
Finely crafted in resin. Scale is about 30-32mm Heroic scale: they will fit all popular miniature wargames. Box includes 5 x 40mm round base.

This model is just so full of action that its by far my favorite of the set of models from Raging Heroes. The model on the box cover is hidden in the far back and just does not give it enough credit. I wanted to open the review with this miniature, just because I like that much.

Dynamic Pose

Amazing detail. yea I do see a line on the helm that needs a little more scraping.

Back of the Model

If this is your first time reading a review for Raging Heroes miniatures lets get you introduced, because they really are the place to go for a full female line of miniatures. That said, I wish they had male miniatures to go along with many of their miniatures, but that is not their focus.

Inside the Box......
There are 5 sets of sprues that can easily set your models up on how they are equipped and poses on the box cover. However, arms, heads, etc are all interchangeable so that you can vary your poses and torsos up. I always set out the miniatures remove them from the sprues and lay them out before assembly.

As these are resin, they should be cleaned up quickly and doing so with their suggested method of letting them soak in a 50/50 solution of Simple Green really does the trick. Not to mention that once you do this... super glue just holds extremely well.

First Problem:
Now this technically is the third reviewed box set for Raging Heroes and I have not had any models come snapped or broken until now. In fact I have found that the resin is not as brittle as I have heard from others. There is some bend to it and any pieces dipped in warm water will unbend any pieces that are very thin and need to be put back in shape.

The sword for the Sergeant came broken

I was concerned with this as something like this on a miniature is normally not going to hold well enough. While there is a hammer option, I wanted the sword to work out so I did my duty and gave the sword its Simple Green bath like the rest of the parts.

Once cleaned though the Resin used by Raging Heroes holds fast and extremely well. So not only did this go together easily, now that it has dried it is holding fast. If I grab the tip of the sword and move it back and forth the entire arm holds fast with no weakness. Really surprised it is holding so well.

With that fixed it was time to assemble the rest of the miniatures.

Assembling miniatures always goes extremely well with cleaned up miniatures. Dab of glue and within 3-5 seconds or less each piece is holding its joint well enough to let go. I can't tell you how nice that makes putting these together. Ive spent countless minutes holding arms and other pieces together many times.

The Models.....
Yes, again I chose the helmed heads except for the Sergeant. I like them quite a bit. Again, focus on the detail in the miniatures. There is just enough detail that its quite obvious that it will really show when painting starts. The details are not soft so they will not get lost in priming and painting.

I remember looking at these sculpts a long time ago, and remember thinking "Wow, these look great". I have to say though that actually holding these models and putting them together gives you a new appreciation for just how detailed these miniatures are.

Here is a couple comparison pics of other miniatures.....

So here is your chance to win one and get your own first hand look at them.

Weekend Model Giveaway!!!!!
Raging Heroes sent a miniature to also giveaway! Sister Trematta, Field Resurrectrix  can be yours.

Now to get a chance to win this model.... All you have to do is mention at the bottom how you would be using this model. What game system, army or event would you like to put this model into if you win it.

To win the giveaway.. sorry there is only one miniature to give away right now, all you have to do is comment below on this article (only once please, duplicates will be removed), and a winner will be selected randomly Sunday Evening, August 26th, at 10pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). As long as you have a physical address that I can ship it to, you qualify to enter. Yes, the shipping is free to you. I do not take responsibility for postal problems or losses. The item will ship Monday or Tuesday, so you will get it rather quickly.

Once the winner is randomly selected, you have a couple days to respond to the email I send, so please keep an eye out.

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