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Genestealer Cults given Necromunda Rules.... Download Here for Free

Genestealer Cults are now a part of Necromunda.... and you can download their rules for free right now!. Here is the latest....

via Forgeworld on the Warhammer Community site

With House Cawdor now on shelves, we’re shining the light onto another gang of religious fanatics from the underhive – albeit a much more heretical one!
Back in the misty depths of March (aeons ago in Warhammer time), our pals at White Dwarf released a set of rules for using Genestealer Cults Gangs in Necromunda. With March’s White Dwarf being currently inaccessible for those not in possession of a time machine, we’re making them available once more, for free, and enshrined forever in the form of a nifty PDF download:
Genestealer Cult Gangs are an unusual and rewarding choice for Necromunda players, capable of taking Cult Adepts (cultists with strange xenos powers) as well as a host of deadly mining weaponry – not to mention the iconic web gun, a historic staple of Necromunda.

With this update, Neophyte Hybrids are a bit of a master key for the 41st Millennium – with one box, you’ll have a unit you can use in Warhammer 40,000Kill Team and Necromunda. Say what you like about the Genestealer Cults – they’re hard working. You can grab some Neophyte Hybrids online or in store today – even if you haven’t decided which system you’re going to use them in…