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Previews for the Forces of Good in Middle Earth

With the new rule changes coming to the Middle Earth Strategy Game the Warhammer Community is giving us some previews of the Forces of Good.

via the Warhammer Community

So, what we thought we’d do is show you a selection of our favourites from the forces of Good. And, if you’re more of an Evil player, well then you’ll just have to wait until later in the week.

When we set about reworking the Rohan army list, we wanted players to be able to recreate that devastating charge we see at Pelennor if they fielded one of the all-mounted forces the Rohirrim are famed for. With this in mind, Rohan have the following Army Bonus:

Well, as you can see this makes Cavalry models from the Rohan army list really deadly when they charge! Suddenly Riders of Rohan are Strength 4 on the charge, which makes it even easier for them to cut through the heavily armoured Morannon Orcs like they do at Pelennor Fields. This Army Bonus also helps Heroes like King Théoden and Éomer reach a whopping Strength of 5, giving them a much greater chance of taking down their foes.

The Golden Wood is home to Galadriel, one of the most powerful beings in Middle-earth. As such, we wanted an Army Bonus that symbolized the great protection she provided over her realm – and so we came up with this:

Subtle yet effective, just like Galadriel – this Army Bonus is great for keeping the magical abilities of your opponent’s models at bay. Giving every model Resistant to Magic means they will always have the chance of simply ignoring any power cast upon them, so your opponent will have to be much more careful when using their Magical Powers.

The Ents of Fangorn are a powerful force, yet in the previous edition it always felt as though they were missing something. They were easily stopped by magic and, considering they defeated the White Wizard, this quite simply did not feel right, and so we came up with this:

This Army Bonus is a personal favourite of mine, and it’s easy to see why. Any Magical Powers or special rules that would prevent an Ent from moving will not affect models from Fangorn! This is a truly excellent Army Bonus that transforms this army list into one that can cause some real damage on the battlefield.
Next we’ll be showing off three of the Evil Army Bonuses, so make sure you come back later in the week to check them out!

Well, if an army of Ents is heading in your general direction, you may want to think twice about getting in their way (unless you happen to have a enormous tower to hide in like Saruman did!). Unless you’ve been making merry in the Shire, oblivious to the world of the Big People, you will no doubt be aware that the new edition and all its supporting releases went up for pre-order on Saturday…