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New Ork Codex Rumors......

Orks are coming soon and there are some rumors of about what lies ahead for the new codex, including Clan Rules, Stratagems, and another new vehicle, the Rockettrukk.

These seem rather solid rumors, but of course like all rumors, please add a little salt.

via Lexington on Bolter and Chainsword

Fresh from KiriothTV, who apparently has a pretty good record on this stuff. Claims the person who sent this his way got the names of the new Buggy models right before they were shown off, so these could well be reliable.

- No Warboss / Mek / Painboy on bike in the Codex

- "Megatrakk Skrap-jet" - Confirmed to be a character-toting trike, the one shown in the background of the Buggy video

- "Squig Buggy" (possibly the "Rockettrukk Squig Buggy") is mentioned as another vehicle we haven't seen (thanks to Triszin and PiñaColada for correcting this)

- Mek Shop fortification, gives nearby shooting units with a random number of shots the maximum number of shots

- "Dakka Dakka" Rule - Rolls of 6 in the shooting phase generate extra shots

Clan Rules (pretty much repeats what Valrak's already reported):
Goffs - Rolls of 6 to hit in close combat generate further attacks
Bad Moons - Re-roll 1's to hit
Evil Sunz - +1 to Movement, as well as +1 to Advances and Charges
Deathskulls - 6+ invulnerable save, units may also re-roll one to-hit, to-wound and damage roll for shooting
Blood Axes - May Advance and Charge after Falling Back, also count as in Cover while in the open
Snakebites - 6+ rolls to ignore wounds, like Disgustingly Resilient
Freebooters - Get +1 to hit if another nearby friendly model destroys an enemy (thanks to Sawtooth for pointing out the original absence of this in the post)

Teleport - Lets the Ork player keep 20PL of models off the board, teleport in within 9" of the enemy on Turn 1 - no mention of how this works with the new Deep Strike restrictions in the Big FAQ
Green Tide - Take an understrength Boyz unit, set them up, full-strength, within 6" of a board edge and 9" from an enemy unit
Grot Shield - When an Ork unit near a unit of Grots is hit in the shooting phase, roll a 2+, Grots take the shot instead
Ramming Speed - Vehicle charges 3d6", does mortal wounds when it successfully charges - combine this with some of the new Buggies (or a Gorkanaut), and hoo boy
Looted - Ork infantry unit gains +1 to armor save when a vehicle is destroyed near them
Long, Uncontrolled Bursts - Add +1 to hit for a flying unit that shoot at other flyers
Get Stuck In - Ork unit may pile in and fight again
These all sound fun enough, but I'm worried that they don't do much/anything for Orks problems with shooting vs. all the -1s in the game.