Space Wolves join the rest of the armies tomorrow with a new edition codex.... alongside a new boxset Tooth and Claw. Today we are getting a very good preview of the new codex with Stratagems, Warlord Traits, Relics, and Psychic Powers. Its a good preview to see exactly what is coming if your looking to start a new army (like myself) and if you are an existing Space Wolf player.

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You’re only a week and a day away from being able to sink your teeth into your own copy of Codex: Space Wolves – and to tide you over, we’re providing ANOTHER in-depth preview of just what this latest codex means for your army.

This time around, we’re looking at cunning Stratagems, a new system of Warlord Traits that rewards thematic play, powerful Relics of the Fang and a host of new psychic powers for your Rune Priests:

With 27 Stratagems to choose from, your Space Wolves army will have a dizzying array of tactical options available to it. One of the most flexible is Cunning of the Wolf, an alternative deployment option that lets you flank your enemy and set up devastating attacks:
You’ll also be wanting to keep key units in your army safe. Space Wolves have access to an incredible (if costly) Stratagem that does just that :
The Stratagems in Codex: Space Wolves are designed to add individual character to your units that reflect their abilities and training. The Wolf’s Eye, for example, enhances your Long Fangs with re-rolls to hit or to wound, allowing you to adjust their tactics as needed.
As well as providing gameplay benefits, the Space Wolves Stratagems are flavourful and thematic, filling your battles with epic moments and heroism worthy of the greatest sagas of Fenris. One of our favourites is Lone Wolf – a new take on an iconic aspect of Space Wolves lore that transforms the last survivor of your chosen squad into an unstoppable juggernaut of berserker vengeance:
With the Hunters Unleashed and these Stratagems, every Space Wolf in your army will feel like a hero. Speaking of heroes…
Mere Warlord Traits wouldn’t be heroic enough for the Space Wolves. Instead, each has an epic Saga – a two-part trait that rewards you for playing in an appropriately valourous manner.
Every Saga starts the game as an enhancement that affects your Warlord, offering them more attacks, bonuses to hit, improvements to their aura abilities and so on.
However, each Saga also has an associated Deed of Legend – a valiant task that, when completed by your Warlord, transforms their Saga into a powerful aura ability!
Some, like the Saga of the Bear, reward you for leading from the front of your army:
Others, like Saga of the Beastslayer, reward you for getting stuck into combat:
In short – play like a true Wolf Lord, and you’ll be granted powerful abilities. Of course, to accomplish such legendary deeds, you’ll need some legendary weapons…

The armouries of the Fang swell with storied weapons and armour – and you’ll be able to equip some of the most legendary with the new codex. The Armour of Russ stood out for us, serving to lock down enemy characters and potentially buy enough time for the rest of your close-combat units to take them out:
Frostfury, on the other hand, is a deadly storm bolter that fires helfrost bolter rounds to deal punishing amounts of damage – it’s basically a pocket autocannon:
Combined with the Sagas above, you’ll have a huge amount of choice for customising your favourite characters, creating anything from legendary Wolf Lords to particularly talented Rune Priests – and that’s before we consider psychic powers…
…or, as the Rune Priests would have you believe, the elemental powers of Fenris. Whatever they are, Space Wolves now have a fully fledged discipline of powers to draw from. Living Lightning can potentially devastate weakened armies, chaining onto new targets whenever it finishes a unit off:
Fury of the Wolf Spirits, on the other hand, is a close-combat psychic power that gives your chosen Rune Priest a hail of armour-shredding attacks:
You won’t have long to wait before you can get your hands on Codex: Space Wolves and start using these Stratagems, Warlord Traits, Relics and psychic powers yourself. The codex is on pre-order tomorrow, alongside the Tooth and Claw boxed set.

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