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Speedfreaks Coming in October! Ork Warbuggy Revealed!

Nice video....... right on schedule from the Warhammer Community. (anytime leaks get out..... an official release announcement follows...almost like it was planned that way.)

Of course the new one looks amazing... and here are the pics from the video.... and when we will be seeing the new kits!

via the Warhammer Community

After more than two decades, a classic is being reborn…
That’s right – after waiting patiently (and not-so-patiently), Ork players can look forward to a brand new boxed set featuring some incredible new vehicles, like this update of the venerable Ork Warbuggy.
We’ll have more news for you very soon at Warhammer Fest in the Warhammer Community and Studio Preview Seminar. In fact, if you want to be there in person, there’s still time to pick up your tickets.