This is an odd one.... but if you plan on buying or have pre-ordered the English Space Wolves codex there is a big correction, replacement of the Warlord Traits and Sagas right out of the gate.

Not certain exactly how I feel about this update before the official release of the product. On the positive..... the rules wont suck, on the other hand..... the community still spells "realized" incorrectly in the days of a computer will tell you its wrong (joking...). I would rather them do this now than later.

via the Warhammer Community
Within the forthcoming Codex: Space Wolves, released on Saturday, there is an error we would like to correct. Bear with us, we’ll explain everything:

We sent the codex to the printers, confident that we had done a great job of bringing the Space Wolves into the new edition. However, following some additional playtesting, we realised the Warlord Traits didn’t represent the heroic leaders of the Space Wolves Chapter as well as we wanted. So, we decided to redefine their Warlord Traits with a brand new mechanic – Sagas – which reward you for performing epic deeds with your Warlord. The final version of the rule is fun, thematic and powerful, and we were quick enough to get it into every version of the codex apart from the English language ones…sorry!

So, today, we’re making them available for free in a downloadable PDF:

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