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Tooth and Claw brings with it a host of never-seen-before models – from Primaris Space Wolves to a hulking horde of Genestealer Cults monstrosities. Having previewed the loyal sons of Russ yesterday, today we’re taking a closer look at these new gribblies and what they mean for your Genestealer Cults and Tyranids armies.
Let’s start with the Abominant…
Abominants are Aberrants chosen by the Patriarch of a cult to lead their hulking kindred. Guided by imp-like Mindwyrm Familiars, each is imprinted with a portion of their master’s genetic material, swelling their already prodigious frames with mutant muscle and granting them a saintly status among the rest of the cult.

As you’d expect, this guy is more of a fighter than a great thinker – more likely to chow down on your unfortunate foes than unleash any splendid oratory. Where the Abominant really shines is in close combat, hitting harder than a lascannon (yes, really) and making mincemeat of enemy leaders, vehicles or anyone else unfortunate enough to stand in your way.

With at least 3 damage per successful swing and an effective strength of 12, there are few units in the game that’ll be able to go toe to toe with an Abominant and live.
It’s not just about smashing stuff, however – delve deeper, and you’ll find the Abominant a valuable disruptive unit who can mess with enemy Psykers thanks to his Mindwyrm Familiar:

As a solo model, the Abominant would already be pretty nifty – he’s basically a bite-sized Carnifex – but combined with the rest of your Genestealer Cult he’s got a host of handy abilities. For one, there’s Cult Ambush – which allows you to deliver him to where your enemy wants him least. For another, he’s the perfect leader for a unit of Aberrants. Speaking of which…
Aberrants have been upgraded with a brand new kit, featuring a host of grisly customisation options, a choice of weapons and mutated brethren known as Hypermorphs – especially “gifted” Aberrants with special weapon options of their own, from their mutated tails to signposts.
Aberrants are already deadly units in their own right – deploying with Cult Ambush with an Abominant, they’re terrifying thanks to the Abominant’s The Chosen One ability:

This would already be pretty cool – then you factor in a massive improvement to Power Picks:
Now, you’ll be able to mulch hordes of infantry just as effectively as your batter down heavier targets, with The Chosen One maximising your damage either way.
Use Aberrants and Abominants as a deadly distraction, deploying deep into enemy lines early in the game and causing havoc while the sneakier elements of your army take all the good terrain. For maximum effectiveness, throw in the Icon of the Cult Ascendant from Chapter Approved for even more hitting power:

Where might you find an Acolyte Iconward? Why, in Tooth and Claw of course! In fact, the army in the box is essentially a self-contained, close-combat focused Vanguard Detachment you’ll be able to slot into your Genestealer Cults or Tyranids army with ease.
You’ll be able to pre-order your copy of Tooth and Claw this weekend, while if you’re hungry for more previews (or just want to prepare for what you’re up against), check back tomorrow for more previews of the new Codex: Space Wolves.

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