I know there is a lot going on this week but there are some other cool things we have coming your way. The first of course is a Raging Heroes giveaway...... and if this one goes well there will be another next week!

So lets get in on this. You know you want to.

Weekend Model Giveaway!!!!!
Raging Heroes sent a miniature to also giveaway! The Priestess Sol-Sarya can be yours.
Now to get a chance to win this model.... All you have to do is follow the link and is mention in the comments there how you would be using this model. What game system, army or event would you like to put this model into if you win it. Just follow this link!

Sol-Sarya Miniature Giveaway

To win the giveaway.. sorry there is only one miniature to give away right now, all you have to do is comment (only once please, duplicates will be removed), and a winner will be selected randomly Sunday Evening, August 12th, at 10pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). As long as you have a physical address that I can ship it to, you qualify to enter. Yes, the shipping is free to you. I do not take responsibility for postal problems or losses. The item will ship Monday or Tuesday, so you will get it rather quickly.

Raging Heroes

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