This year the NOCF 2018 Raffles have by far the best armies and individual miniatures I remember being available over the last several years. These charity raffles do a couple things..... give you a great chance to win a fully painted army for the cost of a few raffle tickets, help support several very important international charities, and really help put our community in the forefront in the most positive of light.

One thing that you might not know is that tabletop wargaming is something not everyone knows about. While I was not involved... I've  heard a story that when the first donations were made to the charities NOCF supports, the first donations were at first rejected. It was simply because tabletop wargaming was mentioned is where the money came from and the organizations were hesitant to accept money from "wargaming". They simply did not know what it was, which very quickly was rectified and the donations accepted. The point being though that our community and hobby was really just not known to those accepting the donations and anything involved with "war" threw up a red flag.

It's interesting over the 20 years or so that I have been in this hobby how it has evolved. While the story above was told to me from a board member of NOCF.... it is the truth about our hobby, at least in many places of the world... other people really don't know anything about it and what it is. Putting this hobby of artists, gamers, and people that would rather hang out with "other people" than sit and play a computer game, in a positive light and show that we are a largely rather diverse group of people is a big deal. In this hobby I have met doctors, lawyers, college students, members of the armed forces, and people from just about every walk of life. Its a great hobby to be involved in, even if some of us are a little obsessive about it. (myself included).

Literally there is only about 2 weeks left to get in on the 2018 raffles. There are some amazing miniatures and armies up, and this is by far a much better opportunity than win something than playing the lottery. Who wouldn't want to be the winner of the Warlord Titan? or even the Primaris Ultramarine army? Its not just that you are winning miniatures, but professionally painted miniatures put together by amazing artists who donate their work to this charity.

So lets jump in before it's over.... because it comes quickly and there is only a couple weeks left. Go Here to see these armies first hand and get your raffle tickets.

Here are your armies to get involved with.

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