Next week we will see the release of a new Killzone and 2 new starter sets for Kill Team. Dark Eldar Wyches.... and Deathwatch starter sets arrive.

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Next week, Kill Team continues to grow with a pair of new Starter Sets and a brand new Killzone for you to battle over…

Kill Team Mordelai and the Slicing Noose

Good news for Deathwatch and Drukhari players – you’re getting Kill Team Starter Sets of your own:
Each Kill Team Starter Set is packed with content that’s essential for players of that faction. A custom token sheet makes it easy to work out at a glance who’s shaken, readied or has already advanced, while a deck of Tactics cards allows you to muster your most devious stratagems with ease – as well as featuring unique new Tactics you won’t find anywhere else. Meanwhile, each Starter Set contains a full multipart set of models, specially chosen from the main range for their wealth of customisation options.

Meanwhile, lore booklets and pre-filled cards make getting involved with Kill Team simple by giving you a rich set of lore to inspire your battles and giving you a strong base on which to build lethal kill teams of your own.

Both these Starter Sets will be launching alongside special dice for each team, styled to match your forces:

Whether you’re planning on conducting daring raids with the Drukhari or devastating execution strikes with the Deathwatch, make sure to grab your Kill Team Starter Set next weekend – and keep your eye out in future for more Starter Sets for more factions.

Killzone: Death World Forest

You’ve mastered the urban cityscapes of the Sector Imperialis, forged a path through the Sector Mechanicus and made a crate escape from the Sector Munitorum – and you’re hungry for a new challenge. Well, turns out the new challenge is hungry for you – meet the Death World Forest Environment Expansion:

Death world forests are one of Kill Team’s most unusual Killzones, shaking up old strategies and presenting new challenges, opportunities and dangers for the forces battling in them. If you thought urban battlefields were deadly, you haven’t seen anything yet…
As with the Killzones before it, the death world forest is packed with content, featuring unique missions and Tactics usable by your team. Whether you’re looking to add even more danger your campaign or just grab loads of terrain at a great price, you’ll want to make sure you pick up this box.
Both new Kill Team Starter Sets and Killzone: Death World Forest will be available to pre-order next week – in the meantime, you can browse the Kill Team range so far online or pop down to your local store.

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