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This Week's Pre-Orders and Prices: Lord of the Rings and Kill Team

There is a lot of Lord of the Rings coming this week, along with a couple new Kill Team starter sets. Here is a look at the prices and selections of what is coming to pre-orders.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212

Kill Team

Black Library

Lord of the Rings
·         The Battle of Pelennor Fields boxed game is a brand new starter set
·         The box contains a combination of existing and new products for the Armies of Good and Evil
·         Good: Théodon, 12x Warriors of Rohan, 12x Riders of Rohan & 20x Warriors of the Dead
·         Evil: Witch-King of Angmar on Fell Beast, a Mordor Troll, & 36x Morannon Orcs

·         The box also includes a complete hardback Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game Rules Manual!