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Robed Cultists and This Guy......

Always a big fan of Anvil Industries miniatures for just about everything human related. (I wish they did xenos as well). Here is a look though some new things coming from Anvil Industries including Robed Cultists for their Regiments Line and this big bad boy that was added in last few hours of the Burning Rose Kickstarter not that long ago.

If you don't know Anvil Industries Regiments line... its a huge line up of heads, torsos, weapons, etc that all match up so that you can customize your miniatures any way you want. Here are some new upcoming robed cultists that are going to be added to this line up.

Regiments is a huge range of 28mm heroic scale infantry components and kits from Anvil Industry.
Extensive Range - Over 200 different conversion bits and kits available now, with plans to continue adding new options!
Heroic Scale -  Compatible with the widest range of existing products and popular plastic infantry kits.
User Friendly - Where possible components feature a peg assembly system for precise and easy dry fitting and assembly. 
High Quality  - We've used the latest digital design methods and highest quality resin casting to achieve incredible levels of detail and quality.
Maximum Variety - Leg and Arm sets offer 10 poses for each style, and head sprues include many unique variants, so no two figures in your army need look the same!
An Assembly Guide is available further down the page, which we strongly recommend you read to help you get the best out of your Regiments products. 

Anvil Industries Regiments

Also for the Burning Rose Kickstarter this guy is looking great.