We finally have prices for the new game Adeptus Titanicus. While I don't quite yet have it in dollars or Pounds, this gives us a great look at the pricing.

Notice that the Grand Master Edition wont be available again until early next year.

The one thing that was stressed to me was that the Grand Master Edition Box set was going to be in very limited quantities.

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Grand Master edition of Adeptus Titanicus will retail at £175

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212

the Grand Master Edition, which contains:
2x Warlord Titans
6x Questoris Knights
The rules set and Command Terminals
Sector Imperialis scenery

The Rules Set: This box contains:
The 96 page Adeptus Titanicus rulebook
6x Titan Command Terminals
2x Imperial Knight Command Terminals
Mission, stratagem and weapon cards
Reference sheets and accessories such as dice, a range ruler and a Battlefield Assets set

The Warlord Titan
There are three sprues in the box. One for the skeleton-like chassis, one for the armour plates and another for its weapons.
Contains multiple heads and armour plates

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via Battle Bunnies

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