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Warhammer 40,000 Releases for December... Rubrics and Sisters.....

Thousand Sons will be getting a big month in December according to the latest rumors and whispers in the community, and quickly following them.... is the big surprise and hopeful intel.... Sisters of Battle!

Again, rumors.. Sounds like a ton of fun for December.

via Sonoftherubric21 on BC

So a Gentlemen on Facebook (I wont post the name out of respect) Who had some reliable information in the past posted a supposed "Release list" for December.

Daemon Primarch Magnus
Plastic 40k Ahriman
Plastic Rubric marines
Plastic Rubric terminators
40k Tzaangors (bizarre but asked twice regarding this)
Sorcerer Cabal (Not sure if new models or re-packaging) 
and at the end of december; Plastic Canoness for Sisters of Battle.....

The books are supposedly War Zone Fenris 2
Traitor Legions (not known if a rules book, an art book) 
supposedly 8 mega force bundles in december between 40k and AOS (even split) 

- Take with salt I suppose, but the guy has been fairly open regarding stuff in the past - 

I would imagine the Terminators and Rubric plastics are Duel-kits. (complete guess on my part) Will be interesting to see if/how this pans out! (to say nothing of the sisters as well) 

Edit; in hind sight it does all kind of make sense. Plastic Ahriman (or plastic generic sorcerers) all make sense from a logical standpoint as a gap GW needs to fill to get rid of finecast. and the Tzaangors and rubrics do fall along with the Sad Panda rumors as well. 

Minus the book issue, though i suppose just tossing a faction list into War Zone Fenris 2 is just fine, every founding chapter of the loyalists has a decurion of its own and rules from a campaign, no reason to think that Thousand Sons or other Traitor legions wont also get them eventually.