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New GW Teaser: Traitor Legions

The Traitor Legions are coming, and with it appears we will see many of the Chaos Legions we have been dying to get ahold of. Just check out the Traitor Legions Teaser above!!!!!!!! Simply amazing month of Warhammer 40,000 coming.

From Warhammer TV
News just in, direct from the Eye of Terror...
Looks like it might be a good time to pledge your allegiance to the dark powers of Chaos:

its also interesting that yesterday... an astute reader noticed this. Awesome and thx Bryan and Ben
Looking through the new Christmas guid and maybe things to come as there is now a Death Guard Green. I don't think this exists already so maybeeeeee the time of chaos has arrived.

An observant soul might notice that towards the back of the Christmas Gift  
Guide that came out today at GW stores there is a checklist of paints. On  
said list, in addition to the already leaked Thousand Sons Blue and Ahriman  
Blue, there is also a Deathguard Green. Looks like Papa Nurgle might be  

coming down the chimney in time for Xmas.