With the shocking reveal of the latest codex releases for December... Seriously... Traitor Legions and Imperial Agents, its important to remind readers that we recently had a rumor suggesting exactly what we are witnessing today. While it was written off, it apparently has been very accurate, so lets see exactly what the source was saying was coming to this book......

Sisters of Battle, Sisters of Silence, Custodes, Inquisition, and probably Assassins.......
It seems all the Traitor Legions are coming now from the Night Lords to the Emperors Children and more.

So the question then becomes since the source obviously had a better understanding of what is coming than we do, are the Sister's of Battle going to get wrapped up into this book? or will they become a stand alone smaller codex release after the new year? So many killing questions.

via SharpDeadFace on Faeit 212
Sisters are to be rolled into an imperial agents codex due for release late this year / early 2017. They'll be with SoS, Custodes, Inquisition and most likely Assassins

Also there's a Traitor Legions codex due in December as well

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