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The Genesys Project: 2nd Age Preview

As the Second Age dawns, humanoids are hitting their prime understanding of the world around them. Knowledge and Sciences are unlocked with exploration of the deeper mysteries of the world and what lies beyond. Technology is pushed at a rapid pace unseen and unchecked leading down the path of nuclear destruction, devastating pandemics, the depletion of resources, or even complete environmental collapse.

Knowledge and learning has become the crux of humanity, pushing it ever closer to it's most defining moment.

If it appears that the apocalypse is at hand during the second age, then you are correct. Of course you may walk along it's precipice keeping it at hand, or fall head first into an age of darkness.

We will begin to explore the second age over the next several weeks, its technologies, plights, and the innovations that can save it.

Highlights include
  • evolving your species forward into the modern +
  • complete vehicle design, including tanks, apcs, and much more
  • advanced firearm technologies, including modern firearms, particle weapons, magnetic weapons and more.
  • modern melee weapon construction allowing for stronger and more dangerous weapons
  • liquid and reactive armors
  • pandemic viruses that create mindless savagry or can be harnessed as a weapon
  • robotics creating machines, powered suits and body replacement
  • cybernetic enhancements melding fast computations and accelerated performance
  • Body Enhancers, pharmaceuticals that can push the limits beyond 
  • Genetic Manipulation
  • Powered Mechs
  • Remote Warfare
Much more

Interested in getting involved? Checking it out, or even joining in on the Create a Faction Contest?