December's White Dwarf is in, and there is quite a bit to explore. Prices are listed here, along with the big reveal... The Return of Space Hulk!!!!!!

The other big event noticed here! The Horus Heresy Book VII is coming in December
This month sees the release of the latest highly anticipated volume of Forge World's Horus Heresy Series. The Horus Heresy: Book VII - Inferno brings the war to Prospero. No matter where your loyalties lie, there's something in this weighty tome for you. 

 Thousand Sons Pricing....
Tzaangors $45
Scarab Occult Terminators: $60
Wrath of Magnus: $75
Rubric Marines: $50
Exalted Sorcerers: $60
Magnus: $130
Ahriman: $40

This first bit was sent in to Faeit 212 for us to read as a preview. Thank you for this.

These are a collection from Bad Tucker, l'astropate, and one from Adam collected over on the War of Sigmar from Lady Atia.
Please note that I did not post up all of them there, so its worth heading over and checking out. Thank you Lady Atia for collecting them, especially the prices

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