Andy Chambers is putting together his Scourge fleet...... hmmmm So am I! So its worth checking out what the master himself is fielding, or preparing to field.

So if you are a dropfleet freak like myself, here is a chance to see what he is making! The pic above are some of my ships (the Scourge), and I will have more pics this weekend!!!!

This is an excerpt from his Facebook post. head over there to see the rest.

So I've started assembling some Scourge ships for Dropfleet Commander and I started up a conversation with my favourite enemy, Big Pete, about fleet composition and specifically how many strike carriers and troopships to include given the game revolves (mostly) around ground objectives. Pete helped me to test DFC and I'd dropped him a copy of the rules to peruse and see if he wanted to collect a fleet for it. Turns out he'd devoured it whole. I'm going to reproduce his rather in-depth analysis here because I feel he's right on the money and I thought it would make for interesting (if slightly terrifying, be glad you don't have to play him) reading when it comes to fleet planning for others. So, Pete, how many strike carriers and drop ships?

"The number of drop-capable vessels seems to be a key in balancing a fleet. The way I see it - in a standard scenario there are 5 critical locations that score up to 20 pts (10 on turn 4, 10 on turn 6), there are also 5 clusters that score up to 18 if controlled. That's 10 ways of scoring VP's and in a clash you have 6 battlegroups. Seems to me it’s a case of choosing which you stand the best chance of going after as you can't take them all. Because Scourge frigates are atmo-capable then I think it will be harder for the UCM to control clusters. Additionally, clusters are worth less and can be contested relatively easily whereas critical locations are more absolute.

My conclusion was that some strike cruisers were essential because you wouldn't want to miss out on clusters that the enemy make no effort to take. It wouldn't take many points of corvettes to poo up strike cruisers. Once the SC's drop into atmo they are slow so the corvettes should be able to go hunter-killer easily.

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