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The Genesys Project: The 2nd Age Traits

The 2nd Age for the Genesys Project will be arriving soon, and with it a whole new world of advancing your faction forward through campaign play, or even creating your race here as a starting place or single games. Lets take a look at the 2nd Age Traits as they stand now.

The 2nd Age is due sometime in December.... Most likely just after Christmas.

The Genesys Project
For those that are new for the Genesys Project.... its a game where you create your faction, customize your weapons and powers, and take them to the tabletop. Campaign play advances your race, starting in the 1st Age all the way through the 3 ages of the game, but you can make your species to start at the beginning of any of the ages you choose. To create your race, you select traits which grant you abilities, and the traits come with a point cost.

The 2nd Age
This age plays through modern + times. (modern + meaning starting approx in modern times and going through 100 or so years). The traits for the 2nd Age are broken down into 3 different groups, Common, Modern, Apocalypse.

Common Traits: These traits allow a player to select traits that will effect his/her entire faction. You gain two primary traits upon hitting the 2nd Age for Campaign play, allowing more to be selected later. Unlike other traits, with Common Traits you are able to replace an existing 1st Age trait if you so wish. This can remove expensive traits you have been wanting to, take your race in a new direction, or just add on trimming down the fat traits that no longer are needed or wanted. Common traits have include such things as Firearms, Personal Armor, Martial Weapons, Communications, Modern Vehicles, and Explosives. Of course there are primary and secondary Common Traits, some of which take custom items from the first age, turning them into common weapons for your race.

Modern Traits: These work very much like the 1st Age, following the evolutionary branches of the 1st + new categories that push the boundaries of Science and evolution, like Drug Enhancers, Robotics, Magnetic Weaponry, etc. You can also expand and customize your vehicles, weapons, and powers here too.

Apocalyptic Traits: These traits push the morale boundaries of science and innovation into dangerous waters. These can have disastrous effects, and can change your race forever as the doomsday clock ticks closer and closer to midnight. These can include nuclear or other environmental disasters, viral pandemics, war devastation, and more. While you do not have to push your race into this realm, I am fairly certain that many factions will walk the fine line of prosperity and the apocalypse. 10 minutes til midnight anyone?

So that is our look today at the 2nd Age for Humanoids. If you are already signed up for the Genesys Project, you will be getting more details as they are ready to be revealed, and even prepared for a little early playtesting of the beta rules. To sign up head on over to