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Warseer Reborn to Rise from the Ashes

Press Release: WarSeer Reborn - Gaming Forum To Rise From The Ashes

On 1 December 2016, WarSeer - a cornerstone of the online gaming community - will see an exciting relaunch.

The new-look board has had a thorough software update and retains all of its most popular areas such as the painting logs which have raised the bar for other sites. WarSeer has also been restructured to reflect changes the community have been asking for such as a Warhammer: Age of Sigmar board.

There's plenty to absorb community members both old and new. With the whole spectrum of gaming covered from Wargaming to Roleplaying and CCGs, there'll be a very warm welcome for all.

People can search for #WarseerReborn on Twitter to join in the conversation, follow the WarSeer Twitter page and join the Facebook group to get the latest updates and join in with the rest of the community.

I for one am excited to see them return. Since I took my hobby online for the first time, Warseer has been a part of where I read for years.