Raging Heroes has a big sale going on for the Holidays....

Black Friday Mega Deals + Exclusive Mini at Raging Heroes!Save up to 47% in the entire webshop - Ends Nov 30th

As the Black Friday storm is blackening the sky for today's madness, the Raging Heroes skies are already under attack by a very special Jet Girl, not dropping bombs... but amazing presents for you!

You can save UP TO 47% OFF the entire shop! That's right, it's almost half price! You want a good tip? Take a look at their Army Packs, because it gives them an insane price drop, like 224,25 euros instead of 427 euros for the Iron Empire .Annhilation Pack.

Actually you can even shop by Shop by discount (links open in new window):

AND that's not all! Order over 99€ and be one of the few to get the Exclusive Limited Edition 'Drusilla with Trevor' for FREE (€15 value). It's the only way to have her: she CANNOT be purchased.

Well, it's a definitely a good time to shop at www.ragingheroes.com

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