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SN Battle Reports: (Eldar Corsairs vs Space Marines)AlbumsBattle Report #56 (Eldar Corsairs vs Space Marines)

SN Battle Reports
Battle Report #56 (Eldar Corsairs vs Space Marines)AlbumsBattle Report #56 (Eldar Corsairs vs Space Marines)

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Shuriken shattered against the already rent and smouldering hide of the Razorback. The jet bikes screamed past, low and incredibly fast, turning to come around and complete another murderous pass. Captain Karkota raised his head above his storm shield, noting the still quivering shuriken embedded on its surface. He quickly surveyed the scene of the Eldar ambush. All three vehicles were flaming wrecks, his squads pinned against the hard shoulder of the roadway.

Eldar Flyers and jetbikes struck at will, making sport of it, the air alive with the tearing sound of shuriken fire and the shriek of bright lances. His mind crafted by the greatest human genius, its edge honed by 150 years of war, Karkota knew that he and his small command had but minutes before the Eldar tired of their game and came in true force to wipe them out and finish what their perfect little ambush had started not 2 minutes past.

The situation couldn't have looked bleaker. Under attack from all sides and from above by vastly superior forces, Karkota allowed himself a grim smile. The Eldar were right where the Raptors wanted them. They had taken the bait. Already he could make out the fiery contrails of the drop pods homing in on his location, his trained eye could make out the expertly camouflaged Scout squads as they stalked into position right on top of the unsuspecting Eldar.

The wail of xenos anti-grav engines signaled the beginning of a new low pass by their Eldar assailants but where as before Karkota's men had held their fire and hunkered down behind cover, now they stood and met their foe with their boltguns raised adding the ferocious roar of their weapons to the general din. Eldar hubris was legendary. Eldar hubris would be their downfall.

They thought they could ambush the sons of Corax? Fools. They will pay with their blood.

Deployment: Dawn of War Corsair

Mission: Slay The Captain - 3vp, Slay All 3 Locator Beacons (Lias and the two Raptor Drop pods) - 3vp, First Strike - 1vp, Line Breaker - 1vp, Slay the Warlord - 1vp, Raptor Mission: Have Captain survive for 5 turns - 3vp, Have at least one model with a locator beacon survive until the end of the battle - 3vp, First Strike - 1vp, Line Breaker - 1vp, Slay the Warlord - 1vp

Points: 1750pts