The Golden D6 has its new magazine release that is packed full again of hobby related materials. We have a quick look here at this issue, which we will definitely look much deeper at later (as I get a chance to read it myself).

The Golden D6 Issue #8
Over 100 pages of hobby tutorials, battle reports and reviews designed by the talented Melissa Jones.

  • Scenarios for the Zombie Apocalyse from Base Two
  • Magnetising the Warhammer 40000 Imperial Knight by Nick Thrower
  • A crypt scenery tutorial by Rob Hawkins from Skull Forge Scenics
  • Malifaux review by Jason Murdoch
  • Painting Ork skin tutorial by David Colwell
  • Painting Bolt Action infantry
  • Kings of War battle report by Rex Foote
  • The Hammer of Wrath Silver Golden Demon Winner submitted by Rory Priest
  • Dark Age Review by David Wilkinson
  • Tree scenery tutorial by Dagger and Brush

Here is where to get your latest issue of the Golden d6

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