Coming to Pre-Order this weekend is the second part of Warzone Fenris the Wrath of Magnus. Today Warhammer Community site has a preview with some artwork and a brief overview of the book. Not a whole lot yet, but worth checking out.

Below is a short excerpt of the preview, there is more to see over by following the link.

via Warhammer Community
At the end of Curse of the Wulfen, the Space Wolves Chapter hung on the precipice. With the return of the Wulfen, the suspicion of the wider Imperium, who hadn’t always seen the feral Fenrisians in the best of lights, turned to outright hostility. Fanned by the deceitful words of the daemonic Changeling, the Dark Angels had assembled a mighty crusade to bring the wolves to heel and, if the situation demanded it, rid the Imperium of the wayward Chapter once and for all.

The new book opens as the righteous, but misguided, might of Imperial justice begins to rain down on the worlds of the Fenris System.

But that isn’t the only potential apocalypse hanging over the Space Wolves. From the title alone, it’s fair to assume that Big Red is joining the party, with Legion in tow. Intriguingly, it also looks like the prodigal son, Ahriman, has returned to his Legion. Relations between the former Chief Librarian and the Legion have been… shall we say, less than friendly? Since he accidentally turned most of them into eternal automata suits of magical armour filled with dust…

But it looks like the desire for vengeance, aged 10,000 years, has re-united the two against the destroyers of their world.

The narrative section of War Zone: Fenris – Wrath of Magnus takes the form of a 136 page book, crammed with story, artwork and cinematic battle shots. 

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