Awaken Realms has a Kickstarter going that is already funded with a full 11 days left. Its worthwhile checking these guys out, as I have models from their last kickstarter that I really enjoy using.

The Edge: Dawnfall is new miniature Board Game by Awaken Realms for 1-4 players. Created by Michał Oracz (man behind 13 years of Neuroshima Hex and recent hit Cry Havoc) it brings next level of competitive gameplay to the table. Fresh, exciting, pure and rewarding.

Game features six asymmetric factions with customization options, each with different set of units as well as cinematic spells and skills. It is played on two boards: conflict board where you resolve battles and campaign map where you can follow rich scenarios, learn the story and impact your world.
1,644 backers
$273,926  pledged of $48,937 goal
11 days to go

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