We have been hearing about this for a bit now, and the latest word is that there will be 8 sets evenly split between 40k and AoS. Here is the latest.

Please remember to apply salt to these rumors.

via Alcina on The Grand Alliance forums
For Aos: 1 for each Grand Alliance:
- Order: Sylvaneth
- Chaos: Khorne Bloodbound
- Death: not mentionned
- Destruction: not mentionned.

Price would be twice the normal Start Collecting Boxes price (i.e. 100 £ or 130 €), with around twice the minis. But this is not 2x the Start Collecting Box in term of minis.

It might be released on 19th of November (not sure whether it would be the pre-order day or the final release).

I also heard that beautiful models are on their way, with, for Chaos, especially Tzeench but also Slaanesh were mentionned. Release date not sure, maybe starting still this year but more probably beginning of next. Next year would be as interesting as this one, or even more.

It seems also that GW sells currently more AoS products than 40K ones on a worldwide basis.

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via Miniwars
Christmas: Start Collecting Premium boxes: packs to build a pretty decent army. For example if a force now can cost about 280 $ with the new Start Collecting will be priced at ≈145$. Lots of minis, including heroes and monstrous creatures.

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