As the weekend started it was apparent that Revell was going to be selling the Battle of Vedros products from Games Workshop. This type of market penetration will be big for the game, and Revell appears to be a good move.

Here are some pricing from Revell
Space Ork Raiders  34,99 €
Space Marine Speeder Strike 19,99 €
Space Marine Bike Attack 14,99 €
Space Ork Trukkboyz 19,99 €
Space Ork Blastabike 14,99 €
Space Marine Heavy Assault 34,99 €

via Revell for the Space Marine heavy Assault 34,99 €
Only the superhuman Space Marines can confront the Aliens, traitors and followers of the chaos powers who seek the destruction of Mankind. Foremost amongst their ranks are the Space Marine Terminators, with near invincible armour and Storm Bolters that can defeat any foe. The monstrous Dreadnought bears their most powerful weapons and there are few that can endure its thunderous barrage. Individually a potent threat, together the Space Marine Terminators and Dreadnought are almost unstoppable!

1x Space Marine Dreadnought
1x Space Marine Terminator Captain
4x Space Marine Terminators
1x Ammo Supply Dump
1x Paintbrush, 1x Plastic Glue
6x Citadel Paints, 1 x Sticker sheet
1x Sticker Sheet
1x Full color battle-mat

Startpage: GW teaser pic showing Produkts with Headline "Build and paint". Clicking there Leads to Products List showing 5 or so Ork and Spacemarine Products

the PRICES of the Products. One starter set (Space Marines) includes a battlemap and paint and a brush

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