Back on Monday from the weekend we had rumors that took us all the way through December, and it appears that much of these rumors are getting verified or at least multiple people around the community saying the same thing. The Start Collecting Premium boxes for instance from yesterday line up with this, and now Magnus and Plastic Sisters are being confirmed by solid sources here on Faeit 212

Again, even though rumors are stacking up, lets always keep a grain of salt.

Please... Lets keep this a Politics free zone. There are more than plenty of places to talk politics, where that is the subject at hand.

This was the previous rumor from Bolter and Chainsword
Daemon Primarch Magnus
Plastic 40k Ahriman
Plastic Rubric marines
Plastic Rubric terminators
40k Tzaangors (bizarre but asked twice regarding this)
Sorcerer Cabal (Not sure if new models or re-packaging) 
and at the end of december; Plastic Canoness for Sisters of Battle.....

The books are supposedly War Zone Fenris 2
Traitor Legions (not known if a rules book, an art book) 
supposedly 8 mega force bundles in december between 40k and AOS (even split) 

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
I can confirm at least Magnus and Plastic Sisters in December
not sure which plastic SoB kit(s) would be in December so I can't confirm the Cannoness part.

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