Ive not been posting up on The Genesys Project, simply because there has been a lot of editing and clarifications of the rules going on lately. However, the project is still in full swing, and in fact we have been testing out the 2nd age of the game a lot lately. This includes a lot of vehicles and weapon design mechanics for a futuristic version of modern combat.

What I am looking for atm, is one or two people that would not mind testing out the core game mechanics, including building your own race, weapons, etc. So if you have time to create a few races (it generally only takes 15 minutes or so once you've done it), it would help out the playtesting.

What I would require is 2-3 racial builds for the first age, and taking a quick pic of them and sending them back to me. There is beta testing going on next weekend, and I need to have races to play for the group, so that game play can start off right away. Yes, I could create them myself, but I want to get races that others are building to see what they can do with the racial build.

Shoot me an email please. The docs will go out on Tuesday, and I am only sending out 2-3 sets.

The next thing I wanted to mention, is that there has been the question of campaigns for the game. This is intriguing, since the game has your race playing through 3 different ages, is it possible to evolve them through the ages in a campaign like setting? The answer is yes. Instead of just playing the game in one of the three ages of Genesys, you will be able to play and evolve your races slower in a point building system that allows for technologies to be discovered, races to evolve and even mutated as your campaign moves forward.

A few weeks ago we were working on this in an open group format, from longer campaigns to shorter tournament scenarios. This works in concept (we have not tested it on the game tables), simply through the trait system already in the game. Because added abilities (traits) add point values to the models, it balances out the games with high model counts for lower evolved races, and lower model counts vs highly evolved races. This is already an aspect of Genesys that so far seems to look good for these types of campaigns.

There were some obstacles still (like modelling), so the format for doing this is not yet complete, but because the game can work with armies from different ages playing against each other, it offers some interesting ideas and concepts for events.

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