Hawk Wargames has new images from the next wave of Dropzone Commander to show off. These were in celebration of Salute 2016 in the UK, and give us a first look at the "event" exclusive minis as well what is soon to be my favorite razorworm deployment aircraft. Yea... Torpedoes loaded up with razor worms!

via Hawk Wargames
On our final update before Salute, we have the next wave of releases to show off. These will be available in very limited quantities at Salute this year.
Along with these, we will also have a collection of show only and newly created products, including: The Monorail Expansion Pack, Faction specific T-shirts, and Token packs.
We will also have many Dropfleet Commander models to present to you all - but for those, you will have to come down and have a look... (or keep an eye out on social media for people sharing photos from the day!)
We look forward to seeing many people at Salute!

Here are the new models!!!!!

These are the new event minis
Please remember that event only miniatures from Hawk Wargames do not have special rules that you can only get from these specific models. They are alternative models that are just cool, or in the case of civilian vehicles..... just cool for tables. However, I can see these being retrofitted for my Resistance.

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