All the buzz is about getting Imperial Knights for this new "core game" (as it was listed in this previous post). Such a great way to get two Imperial Knights. I am going to assume that this game will not be limited simply given it's Core Game status on the release list. This will hopefully give a lot of people plenty of time to pick up this game.

So split one or two of these games with a buddy, or get them for yourself this weekend.

via Asgheïr on Warhammer Forum

Here is the previous information about this release
No Orruks in the next WD.

New boxed game called "Imperial Knight: Renegade" instead (1 Imperial Knight, 1 IK Warden and 1 Sanctum Imperialis + rules)
165€ / £120 / $195 / and for once the real prices for all to see: CA$ 235 / AU$ 245 / NZ$ 290 / 22.000 Yen

So both a huge price but a huge discount at the same time, making it a pretty solid choice if you want 2 Knights. Too bad the large difference between the UK and Euro price will make us incapable of competing vs UK retailers.

Game is derived from the minigame they did in the WD around the Stormsurge release if I remember correctly, the one were each superheavy had its own datasheet, with damage locations and numbers everywhere. Game includes specific decals for each knight allowing you to decorate one of them as a renegade Knight. No Chaos specific sprues thought (those are the regular models already sold in stores).

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