With the move to a point system and a very positive looking narrative system, the Age of Sigmar is looking like it will have a very nice upsurge of players. This is looking very good for the game, and at least in my mind, a good reason to start taking a fresh look at the game itself.

The narrative gameplay looks very interesting, and I am hoping that this method (as it looks great below) will make it to 40k. Here is to hoping! And on a personal note, this looks like GW is pushing the innovative envelope. I am excited for this.

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via TheInsider on Faeit 212 from the Comments Section (big thanks for chiming in again)
It will be released through free pdf,s the "points system" will be in list format.
The gaming systems have been built around interactions with event and GW stores from around the world.
GW are listening.
AoS has overtaken WFB and is up there with 40k for sales and interest.
GW realise it has had a rocky start but expected this.
AoS is an evolving game made with the player and fun mind.
As for the "haters" GW could not care less about what you think and are very happy to see you go.

(I was the person who first told Natfka about points coming for AoS around two months ago.)

I can now add.
The different styles of play are very exciting indeed (And may well be used for the future addition of 40k.)
My favorite is the Narrative system which allows you to build your own Warlord and carve out your own territory in the 9 realms!
GW will move away from drip releases and start to put releases out in bulk.
The Start collecting box's are the first step in a long line of cheaper ways to begin AoS/40k and GW will increase this and release boxed games and such to allow easy and cheaper start up and more fun for different types of gamer!
GW are very aware of the toxic part of the community and no longer wish to be associated with it.
The move back into the community with the FB pages is the first step towards a healthy creative and fun community which they hope will encourage new players and keep older players involved (YES the GW love in has begun!)
This year is going to be big for AoS and 40k alike (The former rumour from a very dubious source about this year being the year of AoS is nonsense this year is the year of Games Workshop! Expect great things friends)
Your local GW managers will be given a lot more info in the future!

Also (While I have two ticks)

Tomb Kings and Breonnians as well as many missing unit's like Wardancers (That we're mentioned by name, seems that folks love those deadly dancers of pointy eared doom) are not "gone" but will be re done and re released in a new shiny form.

From the Age of Sigmar Facebook page
Corwen Broch Please let's have points for the 'squatted' factions too, like Tomb Kings and Brets.
Warhammer Age of Sigmar Hey Crowen,

Yes, anything that was in the Warscroll Compendiums will be supported.

Robin Törnfeldt well this seems promissing smile emoticon! hope it will include older units aswell and not just keep "rules" for them but point system too, it would make me more possitive towards the new aswell and more likely to buy the less you toss the old stuff to the side cause people feel like its investments basically making a warhammer army and no one likes to see their investment diminish! I got hopes up for this smile emoticon

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Hey Robin,

All the units in the Warscroll compendiums will be supported.

Brian Paul Is there an ETA on the first products for narrative or points?
Warhammer Age of Sigmar Hey Brian,

Not for a few months yet, it will be this summer.

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