A second set of rumors coming out of the forums sections of Something Awful, this one focuses on Forgeworld. Again, I have no idea on the validity of these rumors. It shouldn't be too difficult in the near future to get some intel to see if this is panning out.

This is from the same source that we saw these rumors at.

Please remember that these are rumors. Salt required as normal for rumors like this.

via Something Awful in the their TG section:
"Seeing as how the last rumour is doing the rounds.
Forgeworld are currently moving their production facilities and sorting out new casting machinery. People will be experiencing delays in receiving Forgeworld orders that include things that FW don't have a pile of ready to go because of this. When the move is complete it should address some of the issues with order wait times and quality, and if the quality is high enough allow FW to have enough stock to allow people to order from the in store order points. 

This forms part of the plan moving forward with Specialist Games and more Horus Heresy, as it gets the production in place to cope with the amount to be produced (similar to how the only thing stopping X wing being the behemoth it has become was not being able to supply the demand for the models). It should be complete by the end of May. Forgeworld are looking at remastering a number of their moulds as part of this process. 

More FW plastic is on the cards, not just from the next HH boxed game out later this year. 

I have no idea why FW haven't just stated this because it is something gamers would have understood and been quite pleased by, though it isn't going to affect all their customers and it's quite possible no one would have noticed and there would have been no change in sales pattern (because some people will hold on to their money a couple more weeks in case they were one of the people who's orders get delayed) and that would have affected the monthly sales targets. 

Personally wouldn't stop me ordering, it isn't like I don't have a couple of projects on the go at once that I can just work on instead."

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