New from Fantasy flight is a preview of the Imperial Veterans Expansion Pack with the new TIE Bomber. Of course Fantasy Flight is giving us a full preview of how to use this new model.

via Fantasy Flight Games
Rule the skies!

With its new TIE defender and TIE bomber miniatures, pilots, and upgrades, the Imperial Veterans Expansion Pack will soon provide Imperial players new ways to rule the skies in their X-Wing™ battles.

December's announcement of the pack received a fantastically enthusiastic response from the fan community, many of whom were particularly impressed by its introduction of two new Title cards for the TIE defender. Still, the expansion has a lot to offer the TIE bomber, as well, and that is where we start our previews.

Slower and bulkier than other TIEs, the TIE bomber plays quite differently in X-Wing than its cousins the TIE fighter and TIE interceptor. Whereas those ships are better able to weave across the battlefield and dodge enemy fire, the TIE bomber generally has to rely more heavily upon its six points of hull. Similarly, its reduced maneuverability makes it more of a blunt weapon, and clusters of TIE bombers are more likely to focus on launching alpha strikes before plowing into their foes than they are to engage in protracted dogfights.

Still, even as the Imperial Veterans Expansion Pack looks to enhance the TIE bomber's traditional strengths, it will also expand the ship's role, making it a more useful craft in those protracted dogfights.

See more at the link above to Fantasy Flight's full preview

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