Last night one of our sources told us that the new Imperial Knight Renegade would be limited based on what he was told. I asked him if he would look into it further, especially since the weekly product meetings were going on today and later this week in many places. At this point I am confident that the new game will be a range item and not limited, based on the information below and that the release schedule we received said it was a core game.

It seems that sales or trade reps are saying that the game is limited. So there is some conflicting information that is coming in regarding this release. This inconsistency coming from Game Workshop can really be frustrating. 

It should be noted that the previous source has been very accurate and honest with what he is being told. Being a Core Game is great, since I will need to budget things out until next month for new models, and I still would like to pick this up.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
I can tell you that the Imperial Knight: Renegade set will be a range item and not be limited. so it is told from the Weekly Product briefing.

via other anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Sorry to murky the waters a bit regarding the Imperial Knight Renegade set, 

but according to my trade rep the box is a limited release item.

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