There is a good bit here about the new Ironjaws Battletome that is coming for pre-orders this weekend, as well as some information about the Grand Alliance: Destruction.

Then there is a hint that we should be looking forward to a something cool this weekend.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
First: Ironjawz consist of 8 Warscrolls, thats everything leaked plus 
rebased black orcs ('Ardboyz) so its a one week release.

About Ogers and Goblins:
Grand Allaince Destruction will have 12 different sub-factions Moonclan, 
Spidergobbos and "Gutbuster Ogers" are part of them so Ogors wont go the 
way of the Dodo.

Also, non EU people should be looking forward to Saturday :)

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